Printing instructions

Printing instructions is a service that a manufacturer of such goods cannot do without:

  • medications;
  • Appliances;
  • gadgets;
  • sporting goods;
  • cosmetics;
  • toys.

An instruction is a printed product that can be both multi-page and sheet. Which one is needed depends on how much information needs to be placed.

Multi-page instructions usually consist of a cover and an indoor unit. Printing is carried out in black and white and color. The paper can also be different, depending on the individual requirements of the client. Offset with a density of 70 g per square meter is perfect for instructions.

How to make a good instruction?

To understand how to make a good instruction, it is worth understanding the features of its production for common product categories:

  • medical instructions are printed on one sheet, black and white printing is used to reduce the cost of the brochure;
  • instructions for the operation of a particular product are printed both on one sheet and in a multi-page format; they are attached to each other with staples, thermal binder or other available methods;
  • it will cost a small amount to print instructions for medicines to the client, because thin paper, not cardboard, is used to reduce costs.

To send an instruction for printing, you first need to come up with it. Professionals can help with the layout, but the essence should be presented by people who are related to the production of a particular product. A good instruction should be like this:

  • all information needs to be structured;
  • the data block must be divided into separate blocks;
  • the more detailed each step or section is described, the better for the consumer;
  • you can supplement the instructions with visual diagrams, images;
  • the font should be large enough for comfortable reading;
  • if it is a medicinal product, the instructions must also comply with government requirements.

The instruction does not have to be only text. It is not forbidden to supplement it with images in any quantity, including color ones.

Production of instructions to order

The production of instructions to order is carried out on the following materials:

  • offset paper of various weights, which affects the unit cost of the product;
  • thick cardboard;
  • coated cardboard with a smooth white surface.

If you need to print small instructions, you can also use cardboard if you want. Coated thick paper works especially well if you plan to use color printing. On this material, the image will look vivid and saturated.

Custom size instructions can be of completely different formats. You can use both individual and one of the standard:

  • A6 - 148 x 105 mm;
  • A5 - 210 x 148 mm;
  • A4 - 297 by 210 mm.

The types of printing in production are also used differently, depending on the circulation. For the production of a large number of additions to the box, offset printing is used. For small runs, digital application of black and white or color inks is used.

For the manufacture of instructions for the operation of goods or for medical devices, special printing techniques are rarely used, but they are always available to the customer. It is possible to order glossy or matte lamination, selective UV varnishing, embossing and silk-screening at an affordable price.

To get a print run of instructions for an individual order, you must:

  • prepare the text and images of the addition to the packaging;
  • make a layout or order it from ATTOLIS;
  • determine the circulation;
  • send an application by e-mail by writing a message to the messenger or by leaving the data in the feedback form on the site.

Managers will contact the client shortly to discuss the details of the order and its final cost.

Order printing instructions in ATTOLIS

It is worth ordering the printing of instructions in ATTOLIS because the company is engaged in the production of printing products of any complexity. Modern equipment makes it possible to manufacture:

  • cardboard packaging for appliances, textiles, cosmetics and other goods;
  • boxes, show boxes and packages;
  • inserts and stickers;
  • branded paper in silence;
  • satin ribbons with a logo;
  • envelopes, folders, business cards, notebooks and much more.

You can order inexpensive instructions, brochures, inserts and leaflets with delivery in Ukraine.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the benefits of providing instructions in multiple languages?

Providing instructions in multiple languages broadens the audience, provides a wider understanding of the information, and increases product accessibility for multilingual consumers.

What elements should be included in printed instructions to maximize informativeness?

Instructions should include clear operating steps, images, technical specifications, safety warnings, contact information for support, and other necessary details.