Custom cardboard boxes

ATTOLIS has been producing branded packaging for various goods on order for over 20 years. The cardboard products of our production are packed with sweets, cereals, jewelry, bedding, pans, creams, children's designers, water filters and much more.

Suppliers of any product need packaging in order to preserve the integrity of the product, to assemble the product from several parts, to transport it conveniently and to attractively arrange the product. Suppliers have a choice - to pack their goods in universal non-branded boxes with a logo, or to order branded boxes that will become an important part of the image and sales. Self-assembled casket boxes are especially popular.

ATTOLIS produces branded packaging according to the size of the product in large, medium and small runs. Packaging is an important detail of the appearance of any product, it affects the perception of the product by the buyer, distinguishes it from many similar ones and is remembered. Branded packaging is a significant investment for a supplier of goods, therefore it is important to entrust the production of branded packaging to a professional manufacturer.
When ordering a circulation of your branded packaging in ATTOLIS, you can be sure that:

  • in the development of packaging, you will be offered the best options for materials, based on your wishes and budget;
  • your branded packaging will be developed individually, taking into account the dimensions of the goods, or we will offer designs that we have worked out, corresponding to the dimensions of your products.
  • ATTOLIS will be able to realize almost any ideas in packaging design. We have a wide fleet of powerful equipment, in the production of packaging we use high-quality full-color printing, silk-screen printing, relief stamping and foil stamping, applying selective or continuous UV varnish, covering the surface of products with glossy, matte lamination and velvety Soft Touch coating.

On the pages of our site you can find examples of custom-made packaging that we produce for our customers.

Custom box material

When developing a corporate identity for their products, suppliers pay a lot of attention to developing the appearance of packaging. Depending on the chosen strategy of positioning and sales of products, various materials and printing techniques can be used in the production of packaging:

  • Coated or recycled cardboard. Any full-color printing is applied to such cardboard. The density of the cardboard is selected based on the design of the box, the size and weight of the contents;
  • Kraft cardboard. Durable cardboard that can be brown or bleached. They often prefer brown kraft cardboard, emphasizing the naturalness of the product. We use full-color and silk-screen printing for printing on kraft cardboard. Thanks to the silk-screen printing method, we preserve the original logo color on the brown surface, while we can make any color metallized;
  • Micro-corrugated board and multilayer corrugated board. A very durable material that can keep the contents intact. Corrugated cardboard packaging is suitable for mailing goods. Inserted in such a strong package, the goods will reach the buyer in a marketable condition.
  • Laminated corrugated board. Using the laminating method, we produce durable and colorful boxes. In this method, a sheet of full-color printed cardboard is glued to a sheet of durable corrugated cardboard. Then, in the resulting laminated sheet, blanks of boxes are cut out, the blanks are glued together on false gluing equipment and large editions of branded boxes are sent to customers

ATTOLIS specialists will help you develop a design that will be not only attractive, but also ergonomic, so that all the elements of the product, along with the necessary attachments, are packed conveniently and optimally in size - not end-to-end and without extra space, so that the product does not “travel” around the box.

In addition to the branded packaging, which we make to order, in ATTOLIS you can order the printing of all the necessary attachments - advertising brochures, instructions, stickers, tags, branded wrapping paper in silence, satin ribbons.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.


Appearance Manufacturing Material Scope of Application
Box image
Self-assembling boxes cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, designer cardboard 200 mg (brand: T-22 E-wave) packaging for food products; boxes for confectionery; children's goods packaging; for small appliances
Image of lid and bottom
Lid bottom laminated cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard, binding cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard brands: T-22, T-24 (E-wave) perfume packaging; boxes for jewelry; confectionery; gift products; bed linen
Box image
Penal boxes thin or thick cardboard (craft, plain, colored, or printed), cellulose cardboard (brand: T-22 cardboard density 275 g/sq. m.) packaging for gift products; confectionery; children's goods
Box image
Pillow boxes Cardboard, brown kraft-catron (cardboard of 250 g/sq. m.) sock packaging; jewelry or ornaments


How to order a calculation of the cost of manufacturing packaging in ATTOLIS:

  • Decide on the contents of the box. In order to choose the right packaging option, it is important to know the size and weight of the contents in advance.
  • You can find examples of designs that you like.
  • Pre-estimate how much circulation you need, since the cost of one box depends on its size. With an increase in circulation, the cost of one unit can be significantly reduced.
  • Send us an application with all the available data, you can use the feedback form on the site, write a letter to e-mail or messengers, or call the contact phone number.
  • The manager will contact you to clarify all the details of the order and provide a calculation for the production of packaging.

A ready-made packaging layout can be provided by the customer, or ATTOLIS specialists will help to develop it. The development of the layout is carried out subject to placing an order for the circulation of packaging in ATTOLIS. The cost of developing a layout is determined after receiving a technical assignment for a design from a customer.

Large runs of branded packaging with ATTOLIS

ATTOLIS has been specializing in the production of custom cardboard packaging for over 20 years. In our production workshops, powerful equipment is installed for printing, post-printing, die-cutting, laminating, folding packaging, we can produce packaging in large quantities at optimal time.

Delivery of copies is carried out throughout Ukraine by courier services and our own vehicles.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the minimum circulation of packaging for an order?

ATTOLIS produces bespoke customized packaging.

Minimal quantity of small sized cardboard packaging - 300 pcs.

Minimal quantity of middle and large sized cardboard and corrugated board packaging - 500 pcs.

You can order cardboard packaging on the company's website. Qualified specialists will help to prepare the layout and select the design of the cardboard packaging in accordance with the preferences of the customer.

How much do custom boxes cost, can I get a price list?

We do not have a single price list for boxes, since we make packaging individually to order, of various designs and using different processing techniques.

What custom boxes can you make?

ATTOLIS is engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of custom branded boxes for various products. Our specialists will help to develop a packaging design that will be not only attractive, but also ergonomic. We produce custom-made boxes in large, medium and small runs.