Packaging for jewelry

ATTOLIS produces custom-made cardboard packaging, and has also been engaged in printing for over 20 years. The best equipment and experience guarantee the quality of manufactured goods. At ATTOLIS you can order jewelry boxes. Packaging will be designed and manufactured for your product and your wishes.

Box types, design and materials

On the website of the ATTOLIS company, examples of packaging for jewelry made for customers are presented. Packaging for jewelry can be of different shapes, sizes, from various materials, with an individual design of the customer. You can choose a packaging example based on the type of product to be packaged, taking into account your marketing goals and planned budget. ATTOLIS managers and designers will develop a packaging design for your products, and, if necessary, make a test sample.

Some examples of jewelry packaging:

  • Envelope shaped carton packaging for jewelry is a type of packaging in three sizes (95 x 95 x 30 mm, 85 x 68 x 22 mm, 60 x 45 x 20 mm) made of cardboard with full color printing, matte lamination and UV- varnish on individual elements of the images.
  • Boxes for rings and earrings are made of binding cardboard laminated with designer paper, with the possibility of applying images and logos by embossing or UV paints. Dimensions example: 50 x 50 x 45 mm, 43 x 43 x 40 mm.
  • Boxes for large jewelry items can be made of binding board laminated with designer paper. Silk-screen printing available on the lid. The box is completed with a soft substrate — lodgment. Size — 90 x 90 x 40 mm.

Please note that there are no finished products in stock. All jewelry boxes are made to order by prior agreement.

Envelope box for jewelry Steel Story

jewelry box     envelope box

Boxes of different sizes from cardboard. Full-color printing, matte lamination, selective UV-varnish on image elements.

Box sizes:

  • 95 x 95 x 30 mm.
  • 85 x 68 x 22 mm.
  • 60 x 45 x 20 mm.

Boxes for rings

ring box   buy ring box    

Boxes of binding cardboard, lined with premium paper. The logo on the cover is applied by Silk Foil technology - "high" foil stamping without cliche.

Box size: 50 x 50 x 45 mm.

Boxes for rings


A box of binding cardboard, lined with designer paper. Volumetric printing of the logo on the cover with UV inks.

Box size: 43 x 43 x 40 mm.

Box for large jewelry

binder boxes     custom made cardboard boxes

Box of binding cardboard, lined with premium paper. Screen printing logo on the cover. 

Box size: 90 x 90 x 40 mm.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.
Appearance Manufacturing Material Scope of Application
Box image
Self-assembling boxes cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, designer cardboard 200 mg (brand: T-22 E-wave) packaging for food products; boxes for confectionery; children's goods packaging; for small appliances
Image of lid and bottom
Lid bottom laminated cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard, binding cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard brands: T-22, T-24 (E-wave) perfume packaging; boxes for jewelry; confectionery; gift products; bed linen
Box image
Penal boxes thin or thick cardboard (craft, plain, colored, or printed), cellulose cardboard (brand: T-22 cardboard density 275 g/sq. m.) packaging for gift products; confectionery; children's goods
Box image
Pillow boxes Cardboard, brown kraft-catron (cardboard of 250 g/sq. m.) sock packaging; jewelry or ornaments
Our clients
Frequently asked Questions

Can I buy ready-made boxes that are in stock?

ATTOLIS does not have a warehouse for finished products, all products are made individually to order.

How can I see live examples of your products to evaluate the quality?

We are always open to communication, ready to welcome you to our head office and show you samples. Agree with our manager a convenient time for a meeting.
Our address: Dnipro, st. Lesoparkovaya 1.

Or we can send you samples of our works.

Do you only make boxes?

No. We make almost everything from paper, cardboard, corrugated board. ATTOLIS prints stickers, business cards, booklets, brochures, certificates and much more, makes envelopes, produces packaging, tags, prints logos on tissue paper and satin ribbon.

Can you help make a mockup?

Yes. The cost of developing a layout is calculated after receiving the design specification from the customer.

Is it possible to make packaging according to my example?

Yes, you can send a photo of the box you like or its original.

Can you make packaging for my product?

Yes. Development and production of individually tailored packaging is our specialization. You can give the dimensions of your product, but it is better to send the product itself live.

Will I receive ready assembled boxes?

Depending on the design, the packaging can be sent to customers assembled or disassembled. For example, self-assembled boxes are shipped by default to the customer unassembled and are folded by the customer manually without glue. This is a convenient option, since even a large circulation of such boxes does not take up much space during storage. If you have no experience in folding such boxes, we will gladly send you a video instruction.
If you want to receive your boxes fully assembled - check this point with our manager.

What materials do you use to produce food packaging?

We work exclusively with high-quality materials and only with official suppliers of materials - cardboard, paper, paints, varnishes. Paper and cardboard allow you to keep the freshness of food for a long time without compromising the taste. When interacting with food, cardboard food packaging does not emit toxic substances that can be harmful to human health or the environment.

I have a ready-made layout, will you check it before printing?

Yes of course. We will check your packaging or printing layout for technological correctness, but we are not responsible for low-resolution pictures, text content, loose fonts and typos in the layout you provided.

We can warn you about low resolution images or lack of proper margins in your layout. At your request, we can modify and correct your layout.

Jewelry packaging functions

Jewelry boxes are needed not only for decor, but also for storing jewelry. In a case or tube, they are much easier to transport and store in the correct position if it was chosen taking into account all ergonomic standards. That is why jewelry packaging is important not only for the presentation of jewelry, but also for storage.

How to place an order in ATTOLIS

On the company's website, you can see the possible options for jewelry packaging to order and contact managers to clarify the details of ordering your circulation of packaging. To do this, you need to fill out a short questionnaire, indicating your name, email address, phone number and form your request. You can also attach a file with an image of your own layout so that specialists can quickly make a miscalculation.

You can order jewelry packaging with a logo from ATTOLIS. To do this, you can send a feedback form, contact by e-mail, call the phone number listed on the site, or write in instant messengers.