Sticker printing

Printing stickers and self-adhesive stickers is very convenient and economical, you can print product information on them and stick them on boxes, plastic bottles, cans, any container.

Recently, stickers and stickers have become in demand as advertising products, because they attract attention, create the style of the company and cause pleasant emotions and interest. Stickers are printed on a special self-adhesive film or self-adhesive paper.

They come in different shapes, sizes, colors. By purpose, stickers and decals are classified as follows:

  • advertising - carry information about a certain product, company or service;
  • informational - contain data about the product, which are necessary for its correct operation;
  • marking as an addition to packaging;
  • interior - decorative for decorating walls, furniture, windows, gadgets.

We should also highlight the production of stickers for cars and other vehicles. They are made on a vinyl base, thinner and more durable.

If you order stickers from the ATTOLIS printing house, then you will receive inexpensive and high-quality products. They can be glued to various surfaces: paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramics, glass.

Production of branded stickers to order

Stickers can also be expensive and presentable if you further refine them in one of the following ways:

  • embossed;
  • applying "high varnish", printing using the Silk Foil method, which allows you to make volumetric shiny inscriptions, logos and patterns;
  • matte finish with Soft Touch technology;
  • applying glitter varnish to individual parts.

Prices for all our services are calculated on an individual basis and depend on the volume of the order and the complexity of the finishing process. Please, for all questions, call +380 (97) 790-90-00, write to us in messengers or leave your question in the feedback form and we will call you back.

Our customers all over Ukraine have already appreciated the high quality of our products and the individual approach to each client.

The ATTOLIS company produces stickers and stickers printing on:

  • self-adhesive paper,
  • self-adhesive film,
  • and reverse window stickers.

Making stickers on a paper basis is suitable for those who need to order a large number of stickers at an affordable cost. These are suitable for labeling, packaging and other purposes. The self-adhesive film is waterproof. It is used when a transparent base is required from the sticker. Such stickers can be used to mark products that will be in constant contact with water.

Stickers are classified according to their shape: rectangular, curly and round. The size of the stickers can also be selected, depending on the characteristics of the individual order.

Advantages of making stickers

For business representatives, the advantages of making stickers and stickers can be distinguished as follows:

  • you can order such printing products cheaply;
  • inexpensively you can order a large number of small stickers;
  • can be used as an advertising tool for promotion by pasting stickers on the street;
  • fast and convenient way to mark products;
  • there are no restrictions on the design, shape and size of stickers, so a well-chosen appearance of the sticker as an addition to the box can attract the attention of a potential buyer;
  • it is possible to order inexpensive and souvenir stickers that can be presented to customers as a pleasant incentive; serves as an advertising tool for additional promotion of the company.

You can also order a sticker with a logo as a packaging material.

When designing stickers, especially for business promotion, you need to pay attention to the latest trends. Round stickers are at the peak of popularity. The combination of colors and patterns should be clearly associated with the company. As for the general fashion trends in graphic design, natural shades and patterns, fluid art, minimalism, glass morphism, retrofuturism, pop art and surrealism are in trend.

What are the types and what are the features of making stickers?

Types and applications of branded stickers:

  • Labels can replace packaging printing. For example, branded labels can be glued to standard white take-out food boxes, or labels for plastic containers indicate complete product information and a sticker label is glued to the containers.
  • They can seal the packaging in stores with stickers with a logo - order a sticker to be printed and place it on the opening of the box.
  • Branded stickers with images and characters, comic phrases are an absolute trend. They are glued to phones, laptops, diaries. Therefore, it is important that the stickers are of high quality and retain their brightness and original appearance longer.

ATTOLIS has quality sticker printing. We use technologies that protect your stickers from abrasion.

You can choose a convenient way of communication for you to calculate and order printing printing: call +380 (97) 790-90-00 | fill out the feedback form | write to us in messengers.

ATTOLIS has been manufacturing printing products of any complexity for individual orders for more than 20 years thanks to powerful and modern equipment:

  • corrugated board and cardboard packaging of various shapes, colors, designs, and sizes;
  • boxes and packages;
  • stickers and stickers;
  • notebooks, catalogs, instructions, brochures, business cards, folders, envelopes and other products;
  • branded packaging additions such as tissue paper and satin ribbon.

We work with customers all over Ukraine.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.

Frequently asked Questions

How fast is the sticker printing process?

The speed of order fulfillment depends on the circulation of stickers, the selected printing method, the need for postpress processing.

What type of sticker printing do you offer?

In ATTOLIS you can order round, rectangular or shaped self-adhesive stickers on paper or PVC base.