Printing of customized envelopes in ATTOLIS

Our printing house prints custom-made envelopes of standard (C6, E6, C5, C4, A4) and custom sizes at the request of the client.

It is possible to change the shape and location of the envelope valve. And to protect the attachment from reading, the envelope from the inside can be painted with gray or blue paint, which prevents its transmission. Bonding can be silicone tape or dextrin.

Attolis company manufactures envelopes of standard sizes (С6, Е6, С5, С4) and irregular sized envelopes on demand.

Envelopes available to order:

  • standard size envelopes in any quantities
  • envelopes with a customers’ logo and/or contacts
  • full-color printed envelopes and envelopes with full 100% color coverage
  • windowed envelopes
  • personalized envelopes - every envelope is printed with an individual address and a receiver’s name in accordance with the data provided by a customer
  • bespoke envelopes



The price of an envelope depends on order volume, envelope size, presence/absence of printing and post printing finishing.

Modifications of envelope flap shape and envelope flap position are possible.

Envelopes may have security tinted pattern (blue or gray) printed on the inside which makes it difficult to read the content and protects confidential information. Envelopes can be sealed either with latex gum or with dextrin.

To maintain the company's image at the appropriate level, many organizations in Kiev use corporate envelopes to send correspondence, advertising and information products. During the production of printed products, information such as the logo, name of the organization, and the address of the sender is applied to the cover side of the envelope.

Subject to all the rules for the design of printed materials, your corporate envelope will be one that will help create the right impression for customers, as well as have the right impact on the promotion of the goods or services offered.

Features of manufacturing A4 envelopes

The problem of forwarding correspondence is familiar to representatives of all enterprises without exception. A4-size envelopes help maintain the flawless appearance of the documentation, eliminating the need to bend sheets several times.

A4 envelopes are made from high quality paper. At the request of the customer, the product can be supplemented with transparent windows. In such cells, you can place a cover note that will contain information about the letter and its recipient.

Professional manufacture of envelopes C5

C5 is an envelope format with a size of 162 x 229 mm. In such a product, you can put a mini-catalog, a postcard, an invitation to an event and other printed products. Envelope C5 contains a sheet of A4, folded in half.

Printing on C5 envelopes will help make your correspondence unique. The product can be supplemented with the company logo, contact details of the sender, as well as the address of the recipient on each copy.

Original envelope design C6

Printing on C6 envelopes in Odessa is very popular in the organization of holidays and other commemorative events. This is justified by the fact that in such a miniature envelope you can conveniently place an invitation card, gift certificate and other small paper products.

C6 envelopes are available in a wide variety of colors. You can focus on the details, as well as complement the author’s product with a logo and other symbols of your organization.

How to print on E6 envelopes?

Envelopes of the E6 format are used for mailing correspondence, promotional items and so on. The dimensions of this package are 140 x 200 mm. To make the envelope as original and as informative as possible, company information, the sender address, logo and other data are applied to the front of the product.

To order printing on E6 envelopes, contact the representatives of the company "Attolis". It employs professionals who know how to make the design of printed products original, attractive, affordable and as informative as possible.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to print standard size envelopes at Attolis?

The price of the envelope will depend on the print run, the material selected, the number of printing colors and the need for post-press processing.

What is the most popular type of standard envelope printing?

More often than not, customers choose offset printing due to the economical cost.

What are the dimensions of standard paper envelopes?

According to the international standard ISO 269 distinguish sizes 220×110 mm, 81×162 mm, 114×162 mm, 114×229 mm, 162×229 mm, 229×324 mm, 324×458 mm, 62×162 mm. 250 mm, B4 250×353 mm C4, E4 280×400 mm