Printing of envelopes



Corporate envelopesare the effective advertising tool for brand reinforcement. Corporate branding adds to envelopes more business-like air which inspires confidence. A logo envelope is a convenient package for corporate booklets, promotional brochures, customer cards.

Envelopes with printed logo are used for direct mail. Manufacture of such envelopes is inexpensive as compared to production of full color print envelopes but at the same time the envelopes are branded with company’s logo and a recipient can recognize the company’s brand at once. This is a cost-effective solution for mailing advertising or informational materials to numerous recipients.

Attolis company can provide a complete production cycle for ready-made envelopes with enclosure: manufacture of envelopes of any size, overprinted envelopes, personalization with postal addresses and recipients’ names, printing of letters or production of printed stuff for enclosure, packing of enclosure contents into envelopes. A customer receives cartons with ready-to-mail packed and sealed envelopes or we can deliver the envelopes to the post office by own transport.

The scope of use of mail envelopes expands significantly over time. If earlier these functional products were used exclusively for sending letters or postcards, today envelopes serve as a carrier of image information of a company.

Printing envelopes is a service that is in demand in many areas of human life. Original products of standard and non-standard forms are ordered both by mail services and private organizations that conduct business correspondence. In such small paper bags it is very convenient to send out print ads and souvenirs. An envelope with a logo is the best way to personalize the company's printing products.

Printing envelopes: varieties and features of products

Custom envelope printing in Kiev is a service that is quite popular today. In order to fully realize the idea and satisfy customer preferences, all technological features must be taken into account in the production process of printed materials.

The price of printing envelopes depends on the type of paper, the size of the product, the technology of applying the logo and other factors. The most popular are the following options for printed products:

  • Envelopes of standard and non-standard (at the request of the client) sizes. The customer can choose the shape of the product to his taste, as well as change the location of the valve. To exclude reading of the attachments, the inside of the envelope is covered with special paint.
  • Cardboard envelopes. The customer can choose the color of the cardboard, its density and relief. When applying the logo, the embossing technique is used. Your company name will stand out against the general background and complement the overall envelope style in an original way.
  • Envelopes with a logo. In such a package, it is most convenient to send out brochures, booklets and customer cards. If you need to do the mailing to numerous recipients in the Dnieper and other cities of Ukraine, paper envelopes with a logo will be one of the best options

Frequently asked Questions

How can I see live examples of your products to evaluate the quality?

We are always open to communication, ready to welcome you to our head office and show you samples. Agree with our manager a convenient time for a meeting.
Our address: Dnipro, st. Lesoparkovaya 1.

Or we can send you samples of our works.

Can you help make a mockup?

Yes. The cost of developing a layout is calculated after receiving the design specification from the customer.

Which envelopes are the most popular?

How much does it cost envelope printing in ATTOLIS?

The price for printing envelopes depends on the availability of a ready-made layout, the selected material, technologies and circulation. The larger the circulation of envelopes, the lower will be the cost of one envelope.