Label printing

Almost all labels are printed on pressure sensitive film and label manufacture is a very promising development area in printing business. Everyone needs labels. A label should be attached to any product as it bears information about the content and may motivate a potential consumer to buy the goods. All the product information is displayed on its label — a textual and graphic sign featuring the name of the product, the manufacturer data, production, and expiry dates.

Production of labels

Labels differ from other kinds of printed products with regards to their shape, color, and images printed. Besides labels are always required in large quantities and in various designs. Attolis company can assist in developing a label layout or can produce labels according to customer’s design. For ease of application labels are made from self-adhesive materials in rolls.

Labels can be:

  • standard labels;
  • labels with peculiar design;
  • promotional labels;
  • embossed labels;
  • perforated labels;
  • labels with codes or special  personalization.

The price of printing self-adhesive labels depends on many factors:

  • circulation volume;
  • label size;
  • chroma (monochrome / full color);
  • availability of finishing techniques.

If you complete the order of labels at ATTOLIS, you will receive high-quality and original products at a low cost.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.

Frequently asked Questions

What information is applied when printing labels?

The label helps to identify the product, to attract the attention of consumers. When printing labels, it is customary to add the production date, expiration date, instructions for use.

What does the cost of printing labels depend on?

The cost of printing labels depends on the circulation that needs to be printed, the larger the order, the cheaper the cost of one label will be. The chosen material for the label is also important: paper labels are cheaper than waterproof or transparent plastic ones. The price of the label depends on the complexity of the design, the number of colors, the required accuracy, the cost of additional services.