Laminated boxes

Production of corrugated cardboard boxes is one of the main activities of ATTOLIS company. Our production facilities and 20 years experience in the industry allow us to fulfill even the largest wholesale orders quickly and efficiently.  We produce custom-made cased boxes of any size and shape with your unique design.

Laminated boxes from ATTOLIS

Many successful companies in Dnipro, Kiev, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine have already become our clients.

What lamination is?

Lamination is a method of obtaining a more durable, reliable and beautiful material by gluing two flat bases together. Today, the technology is widely used in printing, as it allows you to create an excellent material for the production of printed boxes.

With the help of lamination ATTOLIS produces strong, full-color packaging made of corrugated cardboard. Laminated box is a durable and attractive product that is suitable both for packaging goods in a store and for delivering products by post.

If you deliver your products by post a laminated box made of micro-cardboard is the most suitable packaging. This is a box like the one in the post office, but with your unique design and sizes.

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Material of production of laminated boxes

In ATTOLIS the most common materials glued together are micro-corrugated cardboard and white coated board.

Obtained material has positive features

  • high strength;
  • increased stiffness;
  • reliability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • the possibility of applying any design.

Corrugated cardboard can be printed not only with a full-color print, but also can be covered by white board, on which the logo, texts, and illustrations in 1 or more colors are then applied.

Our production is a place where brands get their bespoke packaging

Founded in 2000, ATTOLIS was originally engaged in the production of packaging from cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

The company's machine fleet has been replenished since 2009, in parallel with the improvement of packaging production, the company develops printing, printing and post-printing processing areas.

From 2012 to 2016, experience was actively gained, new lines were installed, including the production of envelopes, powerful die-cutting machines, folding and folding-gluing equipment were installed. The equipment fleet has been expanded with machines for applying personalization to printed products - barcodes, addresses, individual numbers, and personal appeals. 

Today, our production site has modern high-power equipment that allows you to produce high-quality packaging in any print runs, print advertising and commodity printing

Our preferences
20 years of experience
20 years of experience

in packaging creation

Satisfied customers
Satisfied customers
Full cycle
Full cycle

Boxes of customized shape and sizes with your design

ATTOLIS has a large fleet of modern equipment, and we use all kinds of modern technologies in the production of boxes:

Types of printing on boxes
  • Digital printing
  • Silk-screen
  • Offset printing
  • Embossing
  • UV Coating
Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing - transferring an image onto cardboard or paper using a laser, inkjet printer or printing machine. Application of paint directly to the sheet does not require longtime and expensive preparation. It is the ideal solution when for  producing small runs of compact packaging boxes under tight deadlines.

ATTOLIS offers digital full color printing for branding cardboard boxes for honey jars, sweets, cosmetics, soaps and other products of suitable size. We produce such packaging in small and medium runs.


  • Low cost for small runs. Several hundred boxes are much cheaper to print digitally than with offset method.
  • Short lead time. As there is no longtime preparatory work, using digital printing boxes are made very quickly.
  • Ability to change color, pattern, correct errors and make other adjustments during print run


  • Limits on the size of the package
  • The cost of each item does not reduce when printing large runs



Silk-screen printing

Silk screen printing is a modern type of screen printing, which is performed using a special mesh. The thick paint under the pressure of the squeegee hits the surface through the holes of the mesh, on which the stencil of the future image is created. The print is dried with hot air and special lamps.

Today the technology is widely used in the printing industry. ATTOLIS company performs silk-screen printing on paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic and other materials.


The screen-printing method is used for branding the packaging, applying prints, text, illustrations. This method allows you to obtain clear, high-quality printing keeping the original color of the image at the background of any color. So the brand logo printed on the cardboard packaging will remain in the corporate color, no matter what shade the background of the packaging is. Silk screen allows you to apply matte, glossy, complete or spot UV varnish.

You can create an image using one color or several different colors, you can make a metallized or fluorescent image. For each color, its own stencil grid is created, the cost of silk-screen printing depends on the number of printing colors.


Offset printing

Offset printing

Offset printing is a technology that involves applying an image to paper or cardboard by transferring it through special rollers. This method requires significant time and money, but the image quality is high.

Today this technology is widely used in printing houses. ATTOLIS offers qualitative offset printing on boxes and packaging. Our experts will impliment any ideas of the client, make an unusual design for an individual order.

We use offset printing to produce full color, durable corrugated boxes. Printing is not applied directly to corrugated cardboard, but to cardboard sheets. We use the laminating method on our special equipment - we glue cardboard with full-color offset printing to corrugated cardboard, cut it to shape, fold ready-made durable colorful boxes.


Offset printing guarantees accurate color reproduction, contrasts and smooth color transitions.


  • High image quality, use of CMYK colors and pantones
  • Wide possibilities in the choice of paper
  • Wide range of finishing options
  • Significant reduction in the cost of each unit when ordering a large circulation
  • Fast implementation of large runs


  • Time-consuming and complex prepress, which makes it unprofitable to order small print runs




Embossing is a creation of a sculptured image on a printed material by compressing it between cliches. Cliches for embossing are made according to the layout, in cliches the necessary shapes are cut out, they will leave an impress on paper or cardboard. The relief of the image can be eminent on the front side (embossing), or depressed (debossing).

ATTOLIS has all the necessary equipment for foil stamping and hot stamping, which allows us to implement different customer ideas in packaging decoration.

When processing foil stamping, a foil is laid and pressed between the metal plate and the material, a metallized imprint remains on the material.

For stamping we can use foil:

  • metallized;
  • matte;
  • holographic.

Dyed embossing, i.e. embossing on print, is often used for the production of branded packaging. Additionally, selective UV varnish can be used, then the print will be even more voluminous.


For embossing, it is necessary to order the production of metal forms (cliches), their cost is calculated depending on the area of ​​the embossed elements.

For one relief print 2 cliches are needed, which will compress the material from the front and back sides.

The demand for this type of printing services is constantly growing in the field of business and advertising. Often in the manufacture of packaging and printing, printing is not used at all, all images and texts are applied by hot stamping and foil stamping.


In addition to relief stamping and foil stamping, we also perform Silk Foil stamping without clichés.

Silk Foil allows us to get an eminent image in the color of bronze, gold, silver, which is not depressed on the back.

UV Coating

UV Coating

UV coating technology gives printed products a gloss and matte finish without lamination. Matte or glossy varnish can be applied to the entire surface of the product or selectively to make certain elements more noticeable.

In case of packaging branding by application of spot UV coating, the logo is applied with a transparent ultraviolet material, which makes it possible to highlight the brand name, gives it an overflow effect, but does not make it too catchy.

To obtain a more colorful image, the logo can be printed by offset or digital printing with further UV varnish coating. An embossed, tactilely perceptible picture is provided by applying a "high" UV varnish.

UV varnish can highlight not only the logo, but also other elements: illustrations, lines, company name.

Adding glitter to the varnish allows to obtain a glitter material that will provide shine and attractiveness to the packaging design elements.


Ultraviolet varnish has a high gloss, dries quickly, and is resistant to chemical and physical stress.

Also UV-varnish can be matte - Soft Touch coating gives velvetiness to surface of printed products. The application of a special varnish provides:

  • visual appeal of the product;
  • longer service life of the packaging;
  • protection of the box from dirt and moisture.

The use of UV varnish allows to create truly exclusive products.


Wide selection of logo application techniques allows us to create design options for packaging taking into account all the customer's wishes. On the outside of the box, you can put not only a brand sign, but also a slogan, print, and other corporate attributes.

Advantages and features of laminated boxes

Cardboard is the most popular material for the manufacture of various types of packaging. Boxes made of laminated cardboard are very popular today due to their advantages:

  • wide possibilities of design;
  • strength and reliability;
  • versatility.

ATTOLIS company produces cased boxes in large editions according to the already used sizes or according to the individual parameters of the customer. 

We can produce boxes that are lined both inside and out, which gives a special appeal to the packaging and adds value to the goods packed in them.

Branded laminated box will become an effective advertising carrier, ensure brand awareness and increase the number of sales.

Stages of production of laminated packaging

Our company produces custom-made cardboard boxes in any design, with digital printing, offset printing, silk-screen printing, using embossing, UV-varnish. The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

Collection of information
for product creation
Collection of information
for product creation
Creation of customized prototype
Creation of customized prototype
Confirmation of cost, timing, layouts
Confirmation of cost, timing, layouts
Production start-up
Production start-up

  • selecting a similar template or development of original design by an individual order;
  • select the method of applying the logo, taking into account the budget and urgency of the order;
  • creating a package design project;
  • possible production of a test sample of boxes with the logo;
  • confirmation of the production of branded packaging.

If you have any questions at any stage of packaging manufacturing, our managers are always ready to answer them.

Order packaging from Attolis

Appearance Manufacturing Material Scope of Application
Box image
Self-assembling boxes cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, designer cardboard 200 mg (brand: T-22 E-wave) packaging for food products; boxes for confectionery; children's goods packaging; for small appliances
Image of lid and bottom
Lid bottom laminated cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard, binding cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard brands: T-22, T-24 (E-wave) perfume packaging; boxes for jewelry; confectionery; gift products; bed linen
Box image
Penal boxes thin or thick cardboard (craft, plain, colored, or printed), cellulose cardboard (brand: T-22 cardboard density 275 g/sq. m.) packaging for gift products; confectionery; children's goods
Box image
Pillow boxes Cardboard, brown kraft-catron (cardboard of 250 g/sq. m.) sock packaging; jewelry or ornaments

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the price for laminated boxes to order in ATTOLIS?

​ATTOLIS manufactures packaging from laminated cardboard according to already worked out dimensions or according to the individual parameters of the customer. The price of laminated cardboard boxes depends on the complexity of manufacturing and circulation. The larger the circulation of packaging for confectionery, the lower the cost of one unit.

What materials are laminated boxes made of?

At ATTOLIS, laminated boxes are made from laminated cardboard, which is obtained by laminating microcorrugated cardboard with printed cardboard. Corrugated cardboard can be laminated not only with cardboard with full-color printing, but also with white paper, on which a logo, texts, images in 1 or several colors are then applied

What are the advantages of ATTOLIS' laminated boxes?

We produce laminated boxes that combine strength and aesthetic design. Laminated micro-corrugated cardboard provides additional protection for your product and allows for the creation of unique designs and shapes for attractive packaging.

How are laminated boxes manufactured?

The process of manufacturing laminated boxes involves shaping the box from microflute cardboard, applying adhesive, and subsequent lamination, which is the bonding of the inner and outer layers of the material. The boxes can then be finished with processes such as lamination or embossing to enhance their strength and aesthetic appearance.

What kind of packaging made from laminated micro-corrugated cardboard can be ordered at ATTOLIS?

You can order boxes made from laminated micro-corrugated cardboard in any size, shape, and design that align with your visual preferences.