Folding and gluing


In essence, folding and gluing operation is meant to control the gluing process, in fact the whole process including folding of flat materials followed by machine or manual gluing and as a result transformation of blanks into finished products. It is not only accuracy of folding to be checked but also thickness of adhesive layer, gaps between glued elements, mismatch of glued seams, presence of tears, dents, blurred images.

Flaps can be glued either on special equipment or manually. The latter provides lower quality of gluing. The gluing quality control is the key process during folding and gluing of various packaging products (cartons, envelopes, pocket folders, paper bags.) 

Where is folding applied?

This joining technology has found active use in the world of printing and packaging. Folding gluing provides strong, reliable bonding of materials together, which is important in the production of the following categories of products:

  • boxes, containers;
  • promotional materials;
  • brochures, books;
  • souvenir products (postcards, calendars);
  • envelopes.

The universal connection method is actively used in various industries – it is a sustainable solution that has become a key element in the production of high-quality printing or packaging materials.

Stages of folding

Initially, you have to prepare the materials for work by performing creasing and cutting in accordance with the design, as well as the specified dimensions of the final product. The remaining tasks are performed by the folding machine:

  • folding blanks in a certain order;
  • bending material along predetermined lines;
  • applying cold glue or hot melt glue to selected areas;
  • pressing;
  • drying.

Automation of processes allows us to minimize the occurrence of defects, and electronic systems evaluate the quality of finished products. This allows you to produce large volumes of products in a short time and in strict accordance with the specified parameters.

Folding gluing in printing: technology features

The use of modern equipment ensures uniform distribution of glue over specified areas: gluing units are convenient applicators that measure an exact portion of the bonding composition.

An important part of the production process – folding, which determines the shape as well as the structure of the final product. The fold line must be precise, which determines the quality of the side seams.

Multifunctional folder-gluers make basic processes easier and more efficient, while also maintaining high quality standards.

ATTOLIS benefits

Personalized approach – This is maximum attention to each client, which allows us to create unique solutions in exact accordance with the request. Packaging products, promotional materials, envelopes or brochures will be quickly produced, packaged and sent for shipment. Folding services can be ordered on special terms:

  • fair prices;
  • fast production of large volumes;
  • full cycle of services, including post-printing processing.

Managers will develop an optimal scheme for implementing the task, based on the stated requirements and budget. 3-point folding available – This is a basic solution for the production of various categories of paper or cardboard products.

To calculate the preliminary cost, as well as order the necessary services, you need to create a request and contact the managers: by phone or email. The company's employees will answer all your questions in detail and offer an up-to-date format for cooperation.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the benefits of folding gluing for custom box to order manufacturing?

False gluing allows you to produce custom boxes to order quickly and efficiently without the need for staples or glue. It ensures high strength and quality of joints.

For which types of products is folding gluing most suitable?

Falseclipping is widely used for boxes, packaging, books, brochures, promotional materials and other printed items.