Printing menus

The menu is the first thing a visitor picks up when getting to know an institution, this is his visiting card. It should be of high quality, with an original design, nice sheets or one sheet, as well as durable and convenient for this type of institution. In many respectshow thewill menuprint , what impression the guest will receive, and, accordingly, the amount of money spent at your establishment depends onat the restaurant or cafe.

Printing a menu at ATTOLIS printing house

At ATTOLIS, you can order printingmenus different types of:

  • multi-page bright catalogs with photographs of dishes;
  • laconic with print on kraft paper;
  • stylish from designer cardboard.

In addition to printing the restaurant menu, you can order printing:

  • cocktail menu;
  • hookah menu;
  • business lunch menu;
  • children's menu;
  • seasonal offers;
  • sets from the chef;
  • wine cards;
  • bar cards;
  • dishes of the day.

If you decide to design your menu in the form of a multi-page catalog with photos of dishes, do not save on photos. It is important that reality matches the image. 

Do you want your menu to be stylish and presentable? ATTOLIS company will be able to offer many design cardboard options.

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Please note, that applications with full information about the order (sizes, shapes, materials, quantity) and with large quantities are processed first of all. The minimum quantity of small cardboard packaging - from 300 pcs. The minimum quantity of cardboard packaging of medium and large sizes and corrugated cardboard packaging is from 500 pcs.

ATTOLIS - professionalism and quality at an affordable price

ATTOLIS printing house has a wide range of equipment for post-press processing. We offer both standard and new technologies that you can use to print the menu for a restaurant or other institution:

  • covering the menu pages with a matte or glossy lamination;
  • soft touch cover for the cover or all pages of the menu;
  • applying continuous UV varnish to the cover;     
  • applying selective UV varnish to individual graphic elements / illustrations;     
  • volume printing of logo and graphic elements by Silk Foil method.

You can choose a convenient way of communication for you to miscalculate and order a print: call +380 (97) 790-90-00 | fill out the feedback form | write to us in instant messengers.

Frequently asked Questions

What materials do you offer for restaurant menus?

At ATTOLIS printing house, you can choose from a variety of materials such as glossy or matte paper, cardboard, or plastic.

How much does menu printing for restaurants cost?

The cost of printing menus depends on several factors, including chosen materials, size, quantity, and additional options. For an accurate price, please reach out to our sales team, and we'll be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.