Medical face masks carton boxes



ATTOLIS produces cardboard packaging for a wide variety of products, including medical masks.

The boxes are made of cellulose cardboard with full-color digital printing – neat and convenient packaging.

box for medical masks  medical box for masks

A medical mask is a personal protective equipment that has become extremely popular as a result of the recent pandemic. To sell such products, proper packaging is important. A box for medical masks is an ergonomic and safe way to pack, transport and store personal protective equipment.

What requirements must boxes for medical masks meet


The main requirement for packaging medical products is the inertness of materials. They should not enter into a chemical reaction with the contents: leave traces, odors, or release toxic compounds.

It is important for a box for protective masks to withstand sanitary treatment - ozonation and quartz treatment.

ATTOLIS produces packaging products from environmentally friendly materials that do not have a harmful effect on the environment and do not emit toxic substances. At the same time, the paint on the boxes is durable - it can withstand sanitary treatment, mechanical damage, high levels of humidity and temperature changes. 

Marking - an essential part of the packaging of medical products - is resistant to washing, abrasion and fading. Markings should be quick and easy to read. Therefore, the saturation and clarity of printing is important.

Packaging for medical masks in the form of a cardboard box is ergonomic and safe storage of personal protective equipment throughout the entire shelf life, comfortable transportation to pharmacies, shops and hospitals.

What types of boxes are suitable for packaging medical masks


For packaging medical masks, a self-assembling box of the “Calendar” type is usually used. This is a rectangular design, with high walls and a hinged lid - an inseparable part of the body. 

Boxes of the “Calendar” type spacious, but designed for light weight of the goods. Depending on the chosen material and size, the packaging can hold up to a couple of kilograms.

This model is inexpensive and easy to assemble. The package arrives to the customer flat. The box is self-assembling - does not require additional fixation or glue. Assembly occurs using pre-designed structural elements that form reed connections. 

Available box materials for masks:

  • single-layer cellulose cardboard;

  • corrugated cardboard;

  • plain, colored or printed cardboard.


The ATTOLIS company produces packaging products with individual designs according to customer orders. 

Available types of printing:

  • silkscreen printing;

  • full color digital printing;

  • embossing;

  • offset printing;

  • UV varnishing.


Additionally, ATTOLIS provides the service of adding a functional slot in the box lid. This packaging of medical masks can be used as a dispenser. To remove one mask, you don’t have to open the whole box - carefully pull out the top one with two fingers. Boxes with face masks equipped with a dispenser are used in medical institutions and pharmacies.

Advantages of ordering from ATTOLIS


On the official website of the ATTOLIS company, you can order products from 300 units for small packaging forms. For medium and large size boxes, the minimum quantity is 500 pieces. The maximum circulation size is not limited.

Before ordering a wholesale batch, the company provides the opportunity to test products - we will help you develop a layout and select the appropriate packaging design for a specific type of product. In accordance with the agreed parameters, a trial sample is created and sent to the client. The customer evaluates the print quality, packaging density, ease of assembly and design performance. 

At this stage, adjustments to the box model or refinement of design solutions are made. If the client is satisfied with the test sample, a wholesale order is immediately placed.

Finished products are delivered in the form of a development. If the customer encounters difficulties in assembling boxes for medical masks, ATTOLIS provides detailed video instructions for each specific packaging model.

The materials used to make the packaging are biodegradable and recyclable.